Enhance decision-making with
Drone Construction Works Documentation

The ability to gather aerial data on the status of entire construction sites quickly and efficiently is invaluable. In many ways it saves construction companies significant costs and ensures better safety for staff and workers.
Although use cases for flying drones exist to assist all phases of a building’s lifecycle, the price to buy and train a pilot to fly the drone can be too expensive to justify for all but the largest contractors. This is especially true if jobs are physically spread out, making it difficult to get company-employed pilot(s) to all locations.
Fortunately, drones are available as a service from us and we provide an end-to-end solution, including sourcing of pilots with just a few days notice, planning and conducting of the flights and all aspects of how best to utilize the resulting data. We help a contractor getting started and, with our years of experience help maximize the value derived from drone flying projects.
HMH Drone Vision offers solutions to
  • compare status by drone footage for two different dates
  • disaster reconnaissance and accident documentation by drone
  • evaluation of safety issues of difficult to access areas
  • stockpile measurements of construction materials
  • accurate estimation of an earthmoving projects

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