Enhance your operations with
Facility Digital-Twins

We create highly professional and accurate digital twins of commercial or residential spaces.
This way we eliminate not only the reliance on measuring tapes and lasers, manual production of point clouds, and the need for countless return site visits but we also create a visual archive of your space.
Creating factory layouts without compromising the ongoing functionality of the facility suddenly becomes so much easier.
Strategic planning of space and infrastructure helps our customers achieve their
– business objectives,
– cut costs,
– improve staff productivity,
– and, and, and
A detailed 3D model, the ‘Digital Twin’, of the inside of your property, enables your company to revolutionize the way it manages its facilities.

Example Client Applications

Manufacturing & Production Industry

  • Facility planning and design
  • Optimization of equipment installation
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Employee Training

Public & Private Sector

  • Facility planning and design
  • Improved facility management & operations
  • Virtual access of high-interest landmarks, venues, and historic sites, available 24/7/365
  • 3D representations of incident scenes

Real Estate

  • 3D Tours for best listing presentations
  • Floor plans
  • Virtual staged rooms


  • Accelerate new and seasonal store remodels
  • Share visual directions to employees
  • Employee Training

Travel &

  • 3D virtual tours
  • Layout Planning

Insurance & Restoration

  • Comprehensive loss documentation in an indisputable single source of truth
  • Documentation for forensics professionals

Architecture & Construction

  • Construction progress reports
  • Virtual task list creation
  • Remote inspections
  • Speed up subcontractor estimates

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