Efficiently apply drone data for
Mining & Quarrying

HMH Drone Vision can improve through deployment of its drones and analysis tools the overall efficiency of large mine sites as well as quarry management by providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing site conditions in a fraction of time compared to traditional methods.
Due to the efficiency of our services more frequent data capture allows better forecasting of the mineral stock available for sale.
The imagery we supply additionally supports better coordination among teams onsite but also internationally by offering real dynamic oversight of all operations.
HMH Drone Vision offers solutions to
  • determine break-lines and other key topographic features
  • get better insight into slope stability for walls and haul roads
  • visualize where material is taken away or added, and identify areas without change.
  • monitor the quantity and value of the produced material on site (lignite, coal, sand, …) before it is used or sold
  • regularly track the progress of your mining operations to ensure the excavations or blastings meet the design

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