We provide highly specialist

types of services

The ways how our drones and equipment add value are constantly developing. 
Should you not find an exact match to your requirements in our services, contact us anyhow. 
We may still be able to help you getting what you require.

Aerial Industrial Inspection

Infrastructure and Utilities have to be regularly inspected to ensure these are without damage, operate as desired and don’t cause any danger to people and their environment.

The HMH Drone Vision expert team gathers accurate data quickly, safely, repeatedly and is inexpensive compared to traditional inspection methods.

Digital Twins

We create highly professional and accurate digital twins of commercial or residential spaces.

This way we eliminate not only the reliance on measuring tapes and lasers, manual production of point clouds, and the need for countless return site visits but we also create a visual archive of your space.

Real Estate 3D Tours

Real Estate businesses can engage their customers like never before with our true 3D virtual tours of any residential or commercial property.

Our Capture Service Professionals will skillfully scan the properties for you. Within 24 hours we will have digitized the data and you will have your virtual tour space online.

Construction Documentation

The ability to gather aerial data on the status of entire construction sites quickly and efficiently is invaluable. In many ways it saves construction companies significant costs and ensures better safety for staff and workers.

Surveying & Mapping

Drones have become a powerful tool within the mapping and surveying industry.

We can effectively perform work for 3D mapping, land surveys, photogrammetry, and topographic surveying with increased efficiency by flying above the ground to be assessed.

Agricultural Assessments

Drones have a wide range of uses in agriculture, however, their main uses are in acquiring highly detailed data through the use of different sensors.

This data can then be turned into different types of maps and 3D models of the area, these maps can then be used to analyze crop health, detect disease and stress in plants and identify irrigation problems.

Aerial Photo & Video

We offer breathtaking aerial photographs with in excess of 60MP high resolution of our clients assets, property, events or other projects with the help of our specialist equipment and our professional drone cinematographers.

Mining & Quarrying

HMH Drone Vision can improve through deployment of its drones and analysis tools the overall efficiency of large mine sites as well as quarry management by providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing site conditions in a fraction of time compared to traditional methods.

Due to the efficiency of our services more frequent data capture allows better forecasting of the mineral stock available for sale.

Cultural Heritage

Depending on the application HMH Drone Vision airborne equipment provides useful low-level aerial platforms for recording historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and landscapes.

HMH Drone Vision has a variety of different payloads in form of sensors, cameras, multi/hyperspectral imaging units, and even LIDARs.